Road widening on A359

Emily Estates has asked for the following information to be shared with local Parish Councils regarding road works on the A359:

Road widening works on the A359 will commence during the week of 5th December and will continue until March 2019.  The works will start at the Hadspen exit on the A359 moving down to the Cary Edge Lane entrance.  These works will require temporary traffic lights which will not be in use whenever work does not require them and will also be taken down during the Christmas period.  There will be no requirements for a total road closure.

Are you happy with your broadband speed?

Connecting Devon and Somerset has been set up to deliver next generation broadband infrastructure to areas where the market has failed to invest. CDS is a local government-led partnership aimed at drawing on the strengths of each sector to implement a cost efficient plan to bring superfast broadband to Devon and Somerset. For more invformation, visit the Connecting Devon and Somerset website here:

CDS has developed a survey to capture people’s broadband needs and compare whether these needs are met by the service they receive. The survey is open to all residents and businesses within Devon and Somerset and in addition to capturing the impact from the new infrastructure, it will help us identify the broadband needs across our counties and the data will influence our future Digital Strategy. Click here to complete the survey:

Please contact CDS if you have any queries about this survey. Thank you.